Batman-Diyarbakir Train Expeditions

Zamma Reaction to Batman-Diyarbakır Train Expeditions: The price hike of more than 100 percent on the train services between Batman and Diyarbakır was met with reaction.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has made a raise of up to 100 percent of the ticket price in some provinces. The people of Batman who reacted to the situation said that they could not understand the hike.
Turkey's many provinces to regulate TCDD trains did raise ticket prices by up to 300 per cent between Batman and Diyarbakır. Increased tariff has been put into effect as of January 15.
Citizens who travel from Batman to Diyarbakır by train for 3 TL 75 kuruş will now pay 10 TL with the raise. The distance between Batman and Ankara was 35 TL 50 kuruş, but it was 44 TL.
Citizens to the toll booths were surprised by what they had experienced. Some citizens found the hikes normal, while others complained about the high wages. Citizens who could not hide their astonishment when they learned that wages increased, reacted to this situation.
Responding to the increase in train tickets between Batman and Diyarbakır from 3 TL to 10 TL, Masum Erdem said, “While the increase made by TCDD caused a reaction among the citizens, I am against the hike. While 3 liras is 10 liras, it is indeed an excessive increase. We want this increase to be withdrawn and withdrawn to a reasonable fee. The fact that the minibuses that make the Batman-Diyarbakır flights are 12 lira, the train ticket price for the poor poor is 10 lira. " said.
Reacting to the hike, Mazhar Güneş said: “While the train is 3 TL, it is 10 TL, which creates a problem for the citizens. Minibuses going to Batman cost 12 TL. If the train is 10 TL, I prefer to go by minibus. This problem needs to be resolved by the authorities.


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