16 Bursa

Storm storm to Uludağ cable car

Storm barrier to Uludağ cable car rides: The cable car rides that make transportation to Uludağ fast and enjoyable have been canceled due to lodos finding 73 kilometers per hour. Bursa, which is effective in lodos, to adversely affect life [more…]

69 Bayburt

Bayburt Ski Competition was held

Bayburt Ski Competition Held: Alpine Skiing Bayburt Provincial Championship races organized by the Turkish Ski Federation have been completed. Alpine Skiing Bayburt Provincial Championship races organized by the Turkish Ski Federation have been completed. Ski Federation, [more…]

25 Erzurum

University skiing course

Skiing course of the University: Erzurum University of Ataturk University Faculty of Sport Sciences `2` th grade students are given ski lessons in Palandöken Winter Sports Center. 3 thousand 176 meters from the sea at an altitude of 2 thousand 400 in Palandöken [more…]

976 Mongolia

Aspire railway construction permits

Aspire Mining has received the building permits: Northern Railways, a subsidiary of Aspire Mining, which undertakes the construction of a 547 km of railway construction work in the direction of Mongolia - Erdenet-Ovoot, received a railway construction permit on 1 December 2015. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Barrier-free train ride

Barrier-free train travel: Taking advantage of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies' free and discounted train travel for the disabled, disabled people in Batman increased the interest in the train journey. FREE TRAVEL FOR THE HANDICAPPED Taking advantage of the free application on the train journey [more…]

Intercity Railways

Yeşiltepeli Muhtarlar wants train tracks to be lifted

Yeşiltepeli Mukhtars demand the removal of the train tracks: Yeşiltepeli Mukhtars want the State Railways to be removed from the Yeşiltepe region. For the development of Yeşiltepe and its integration with Malatya, the railway tracks in the region should be removed immediately or [more…]


Bus Failure in Gaziantep

Bus Failure Work in Gaziantep Tramway Disruption: The passenger bus, which broke down at the junction in Gaziantep, was pushed and pulled with the help of the citizens. According to the information received, the bus with the plate number 41 PE 276 is located on the road between Muammer Aksoy Boulevard and Kıbrıs Street. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Transportation projects increased real estate prices

Transportation projects have increased real estate prices: Transportation projects, which all Istanbul residents have been waiting for with great enthusiasm, have increased the value of the regions on their route. The construction of the Third Bosphorus Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel, which is expected to relieve Istanbul traffic, is in full swing. [more…]

34 Istanbul

3rd bridge to these districts kazanwill bark

bridge to these counties kazan: The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, which has a short time to be completed, will reach the districts that are already on its route. kazanstarted to climb. Works on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is expected to be a solution to Istanbul's traffic ordeal [more…]

34 Istanbul

SmartRail is the day for Eurasia

Few Days Left for SmartRail Eurasia : Learn more about improving urban rail operations at SmartRail Eurasia With only a few weeks left to launch SmartRail & Metro Eurasia, it's time to take a closer look at our agenda. [more…]