Mount Erciyes
38 Kayseri

Erciyes with its magnificent summit

Erciyes with its majestic summit: Offering unique opportunities for winter sports, Erciyes is preparing to become the second largest winter tourism center in the world after the Alps. Enjoy winter sports in the center famous for its practically non-sticky, delicate snow. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus accident in Merter, 5 injured

Metrobus accident in Merter 5 injured: Another metrobus from behind hit the waiting metrobus at Merter stop. 5 people were slightly injured. Due to the accident, expeditions to Avcılar direction could not be made for a while. Kadıköycar by metrobus in [more…]

34 Istanbul

Latest situation in Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro line

The latest situation on the Üsküdar-Sancaktepe metro line: The metro project, which continues to work day and night, has come to an end. While the signs of the Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe Metro, which will have a total of 16 stations, have already begun to be placed, housing prices are on the rise. [more…]

44 UK

Metro Employees Re-strike in London

London Underground Workers Strike Again: The subway workers in the capital London have announced the dates of their 24 hourly 3 quit-off strike, which they had previously planned. The strike decision planned by Metro employees, [more…]

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TCDD Train ticket prices up one percent

Turkish State Railways Train fares hundred percent ZAMLANDI: State Railways of the Republic of Turkey Turkey's made time for the new year held in many provinces to train the time. TCDD ticket prices increased in some provinces by 100. Raised [more…]


Nusaybin-Habur High Speed ​​Railway Project

Nusaybin-Habur High Speed ​​​​Railway Project is Implemented: Investment projects continue in Southeastern Anatolia, which PKK terror is trying to destroy. Despite all kinds of threats, the government, which built an airport in Yüksekova, decided to extend the distance from Nusaybin to Habur, where the conflicts continued. [more…]

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Eurasian tunnel toll will be $ 4

Eurasia tunnel toll will be 4 dollars: The Eurasia Tunnel Project, which will allow the passage of the Bosphorus through the 5.4 kilometer two-storey tunnel, was accelerated. Under normal circumstances, the project is planned to be completed at 2017. [more…]