Tramway Traffic in Izmir Stops Traffic

Tram Works in Izmir Paralyzes Traffic:Karşıyaka Mavişehir and Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard traffic turned to Arab hair. Craftsmen from the two points of the city took its share. The tradesmen of the two sides do not want to be like Hatay artisans closing the shutters in 10 year-long subway construction
The Konak Tramway, which started at Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, had a negative impact on life. Due to the work started in front of the Air Training Hospital, the cancellation of parking lots gave the citizens a hard time. The road with three lanes at Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard fell into two lanes. Normally, long queues in the traffic-intensive street began to occur every hour of the day.
Mithatpaşa was paralyzed
Citizens sitting on the beach boulevard, due to work was forced to park in Mithatpaşa Street. However, this time in Mithatpaşa Street car parked in the double row caused traffic to be locked. Normally due to the hal no parking atı road, the street that is parked on the side of the road due to traffic density, this time due to the construction of the tram road has become inextricable. Even at noon, the vehicle owners had difficulty moving on Mithatpaşa Street. Citizens have found the car parked in places where they found their cars empty on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard. Citizens could not find an alternative car park and left the traffic cops helpless. In the second place, there were discussions between the citizens who parked their vehicles and the traffic cops who wanted to impose penalties. Due to the parking problem, police teams also faced with citizens.
Karşıyaka daisy
The ordeal hit the Dudayev Boulevard, which crossed the tram line in Mavişehir. Coming from the north of Izmir through the ring road Karşıyakavehicles entering the street, created a long queues on the narrowing road due to tram. Üçyol Üçkuyular Metro Line, which has completed the 10 year, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir committed to finish 3 per year due to the very slow progress of the construction of the tram stating that citizens do not want to live for years, reacted. Last year, the foundation was laid in Mavişehir and construction works started. Karşıyaka Trades were also negatively affected by the operation of the tram. Due to the road closed to traffic, trades became unable to work. Many trades have been in a difficult situation due to high rents, they can not make enough sales even to remove the rent, he said.
”Problems are temporary“
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials said that the existing parking places will remain the same after the work is finished.
It was stated that the problem was temporary since the parking areas were closed for use until the works were completed.

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