Solar panels are increasing, İzmir kazanis working

After the Menderes Treatment and ESHOT workshops, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality turned the roofs of the sports hall and parking areas within the park into an energy facility to meet the electricity needs of Ekrem Akurgal Life Park. With the installed solar panels, 45 thousand kilowatt hours of electricity was provided in three months and 19 tons of carbon dioxide emissions were prevented.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches importance to the use of renewable energy resources in order to create “healthy cities göster, shows the most concrete examples of environmental sensitivity with the solar system installed in its facilities. Menderes Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant, Ekrem Akurgal Life Park and ESHOT workshops installed in the solar energy system provides significant contributions to both the economy and nature.

BayraklıThe solar energy system, which was established to meet all the electricity needs of Ekrem Akurgal Life Park in Istanbul and 40 percent of the energy needs of the Coal Gas Plant, showed that this environmentally friendly investment paid off in a short time. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality installed 217 solar panels, 380 of them on the roof of the gym and 336 of them in the parking area, on a total area of ​​716 square meters in the park. The system was activated in August and 3 thousand kilowatt-hours of electrical energy was provided in the first three months. While 45 tons of carbon emissions are prevented, 19 trees are born equivalent to this. kazanhas been raised.

Percentage of 20 promise
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the facility will provide 275 thousand kilowatt-hours of electric energy annually and said: There is also a disabled and electric passenger car charging station in our park. By adopting a management approach that is sensitive to the human-environment relationship, we became a party to the Belediye EU Mayors Convention için to leave a cleaner and livable city to future generations. We will pull down 126 percent in 1.218 in our services and investments in carbon emissions. We are progressing to this goal step by step. With the solar panels that we will install in our facilities, we will spread public saving efforts by making effective use of public resources and we will also keep our promise ”.

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