Sekapark-Otogar flew tram project prices

Sekapark-Otogar tram project flew prices: The construction of Sekapark-Otogar tramway project continued to increase the prices of real estate on the route. 100 price increase over many areas

The construction of the tram line, which was started to be built in Izmit and will be operated between Sekapark and Otogar, led to an increase in real estate prices especially in the city center. Prices of housing and shops on the route of the line is an increase above the percent of 100 said.


Real Estate Expert Aysun Can, who evaluated our newspaper about this increase, said that the increase is over 100, ize However, this does not continue. Market conditions will be met in time ”. Saying that Kocaeli, which is an industrial city, is a city that is rapidly developing and the same level of problems, Can said, kent Kocaeli takes on a more cosmopolitan structure with its migrations. The increase in population and the growth of the population brings the transportation problem to an endless chaos. Gelişme


Aysun Can stated that the tramway project will benefit the residents and owners of Izmit and said, Although there are some small traffic problems, there is no doubt that everyone will be satisfied with the results of this project. We can say that the real estate owners, who are staying on the tram route, will be profitable from this job. Özellikle


Real estate prices in the area between the bus station and Sekapark noted that despite the fact that the tram has not been completed, Can said, ları The project is not finished yet, but the situation has been reflected on real estate prices. The rate of increase in rent and sales prices increased above 100. In some places, there are prices that would flush. Bazı


Aysun Can stated that the fact that the project causes the realization of real estates should be met normally. No need to exaggerate the prices so much. The level of income of society is certain. I would like to benefit from the blessings of this project, the price increases of property owners are not acceptable, "he said.


On the other hand, under the tram project, the owners received their property. Tenants began to demolish the buildings, the 5 reportedly expected the first shovel to be shot in April. Demolition will start with the Telecom Federation Federation of Caucasian Associations, the Gulf Hotel, Crash Bar, Köşem Tekel and Shelter Bar buildings will be demolished.


Among the ruins of the Gulf Hotel's manager Mustafa Cansever, 16 years ago I bought the building. Cansever said that he started to move, eyi We signed the contract, we took everything into account. From now on I can not do any other work I'll hold the end of each place seems to be demolished, Bundan he said.



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