BTSO, The Most Ur-Ge Project

BCCI, Most Urdu-D Project Execution Room Happened: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), and the room was the most Ur-D Project, walked across the room stock market in Turkey. Working as a center of expertise, BTSO has provided 7 million dollars to its members for training, consulting, overseas marketing and promotion activities with its 31,5 Ur-Ge Project.
BTSO, which adds value to Bursa's economy through macro projects realized by mobilizing the common mind of the city, is conducting the Development of International Competitiveness (Ur-Ge) projects supported by the economy ministry in order to make its members have a voice in the international arena. The Bursa business community is benefiting from 4,5 million dollar supports for training, consulting and publicity expenses, which are separate for each Ur-Ge project prepared by BTSO. BTSO, which successfully carries out Ur-Ge projects in space, defense and aerospace, rail systems, baby-child garments, machinery and chemistry sectors, has developed projects for companies operating in food and textile sectors and has been approved by the Ministry of Economy. Thus BCCI, 7 Ur & D projects with a maximum of Ur-D rose into the room carrying out the project between Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in Turkey.
27 company operating in space, defense and aerospace sectors, 31 in rail systems, 34 in baby-child garment sector, 31 in machinery sector and 19 company in chemical sector are benefiting from BTSO projects. Within the scope of the new Ur-Ge projects, 22 from the food sector and 33 from the textile sector were entitled to benefit from these supports. Thus, BTSO provided members with the opportunity to use 31,5 million dollars from the central budget.
BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Bursa said that the competitiveness of the business world in the export-oriented development goals in line with Turkey. President Burkay stated that they opened the way for exportation to their members with their Ur-Ge projects, and strengthened their position in the markets where the exporting companies were. Bursa is the production and export base of our country. At the heart of Turkey's economy is beating here. The increase in the competitiveness of our Bursa is of great importance in realizing the targets that we have determined as a country. Bursa
BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, daha We are aiming to realize the 3 Ur-Ge project for the Bursa business world. Next, we have Ur-Ge studies on composite materials. With our target, 10 Ur-Ge project, we will offer a total of 45 million dollars to the service of our members. Hedef



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