3. Approaching the Bosphorus Bridge

  1. Approaching the end of the Bosphorus Bridge: 2013 3, which started in 3, cost 391 billion dollars. In the Bosphorus Bridge and North Marmara Highway project, XNUMX meters remained for the merger of two continents by car and train.
    Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim recently announced that the opening of the July or August 2016 Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge continues to work at full speed. The 923 steel deck, the 59 of which is the heaviest, is now at the end of 42's assembly and welding operations, while the gap between the two continents has dropped to 391 meters. It was learned that the new giant crane called bit Lifting Gantry ler will be restarted after the installation process is finished. After the completion of the installation of the crane, it was learned that the remaining 17 decks would be converted and the two sides would merge.
  2. The viaducts also occupy an important place on the 116 kilometer highway constructed within the scope of the Bridge and North Marmara Highway project. 13.5 kilometers of the current road on the viaducts will be passed. Within the scope of the studies, it was learned that 3 important viaduct was completed recently. The Viaduct 5 and Viaduct 9, as well as the Viaduct 16, which is one of the largest viaducts of the European part of the Northern Marmara motorway, was completed. Viaduct 16 is located at Uskumruköy, 900 meters long and the highest pillar is 57 meters, while the width is 44 meters. 21 22 on one side 43 on the other and 16 on 4 on the other side. It is the viaduct.
    In the works carried out within the scope of the project, 6 has been completed from the total 29 viaduct, including 35 single-25 double-arm with the previously completed viaducts.

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