President Dinç, Ilgaz ski center not sufficiently promoted

President Dinç, Ilgaz ski center is not promoted enough: It is stated that Ilgaz Mountain, one of the important ski centers of our country, stands out with its natural beauty rather than the ski center. While this richness of Ilgaz Mountain, which has fir pine forests extending to the sky, attracts the attention of those who come to the region, it is noted that the protection of this beauty, which is not in some ski resorts, is of great importance in terms of regional tourism. Çankırı Mayor İrfan Dinç pointed out that Ilgaz Ski Center, which he described as a natural wonder, was not promoted enough.

With the onset of the winter season, the ski center and hotels started to entertain holidaymakers. Mayor of Çankırı, İrfan Dinç, worked at the Doruk Hotel in the Çankırı region of Ilgaz Mountain with the technical staff of the Municipality over the weekend. Stating that he came to Ilgaz to the natural wonder and ski center at every opportunity, President Dinç drew attention to the lack of promotion, said:

“We see Ilgaz Mountain as a great favor for our country. Nice snow, good weather, awesome mountain, forest. Of course, I would like to state with regret that Ilgaz Mountain is not used as desired. We need to benefit more from this great favor of Allah. Many more tourists should come to Ilgaz to see these beauties. Of course, I would like to state once again that there is a lack of promotion here. Because this beauty, this snow quality, is there any other environment in the mountain where the sun warms up warmly? This beauty is in Ilgaz. We are on snow right now, but the sun is warm, it warms us up. I want all people to benefit from these beauties. We welcome everyone to meet our beautiful Ilgaz with these beauties, I invite everyone. ”

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