Erciyes with its magnificent summit

Mount Erciyes
Mount Erciyes

Erciyes with its magnificent summit: Offering unique opportunities for winter sports, Erciyes is preparing to become the second largest winter tourism center in the world after the Alps. You can enjoy winter sports to your heart's content in the center, famous for its soft, non-stick snow.

The name of the old Roman Empire was once the Greek 'argaeos' words from the area of ​​Mount Erciyes, one of Turkey's most majestic peaks. The mountain, located 20 km south of Kayseri, is a typical stratovolcano. Eruptions on the mountain started 30 million years ago. Based on the descriptions on coins minted in the Roman period, Erciyes' last BC. It is said to have erupted in 253. After the explosion, the peak was covered by a glacial layer for centuries. Recently, there is only one km long mountain glacier to the north. There is no shortage of snow from the summit of the mountain, which is 3.000 197 meters high. Turkey, which raises the sixth to go ahead should go to Kayseri Erciyes. Kayseri is 770 km from Istanbul and 316 km from Ansiyah. If you do not go with your private vehicle, you can take the shuttle and minibuses departing from the airport and bus terminal. It is also possible to rent a car here. You can reach the mountain, which is 25 km from the city, in 1/2 hour by car. Erciyes, famous for its slender profit that does not stick practically, is preparing to become the second largest winter tourism center in the world after the Alps, with a huge investment of 300 million Euros. Within the scope of Erciyes Tourism Master Project carried out by Kayseri Megakent Municipality, the length of the tracks with various difficulty levels in Erciyes Ski Center has reached 2 km. The tracks meet the standards of the International Ski Federation. In addition to the gondola, there are double and fixed high speed ropeway lines, summer and winter activity areas in the area. The best time to ski in Erciyes is February and March, although the season lasts until May.


You can do not only ski but also various winter sports here. Snowkite comes first among them. You have skates or skates on your feet, and a parachute tied to long ropes in your hands. It looks like a paraglider. Since Erciyes is a volcanic mountain, it has a treeless structure, which makes it an ideal area for this sport. devel sites covered by the door doing snowkite home to Turkey's best trails. Snowmobiling, heli skiing, and snowshoe hiking are also options. Young people prefer snowboarding. Children love snow sledding. At night, it's great fun sledding under the lights running along the lifts. There are sledges for rent in all facilities.


In the meantime, ski training units serving at the Erciyes Winter Sports Center organize discounted ski courses during the semester. Five-day course package includes lunch, skipass pass and ski equipment rental. On the other hand, the FIS Snowboard World Cup PGS, Beynelmilel Ski Federation and Turkey Ski Federation in collaboration with Mount Erciyes Ski Facility will take place on February 27. Athletes from countries such as Germany, Italy and Switzerland will come to the race. University student snowboarders will also find the opportunity to compete in the competitions to be held in various categories.


When you go to Erciyes, you can reach Cappadocia within an hour and see the fairy chimneys. Or, you can go to the city center in 20 minutes and discover the artifacts of many civilizations such as Hittite, Persian, Roman and Byzantine.


Kayseri has recently become a popular city in Anatolia. One of those who have a big share in this success is the Mayor of Kayseri Megakent, Mustafa Çelik. Çelik's new development move is focused on profit tourism. The purpose of the mayor is to make Erciyes the epicenter of ski tourism. Stating that Mount Erciyes is a great opportunity for winter tourism, Çelik said, “Kayseri, which hosts many cultures, will also get its share from the tourism cake. “Erciyes Winter Tourism Center is of course our biggest project in this field”.


Mirada Del Lago Hotel, the largest and most modern facility of Mount Erciyes, was established on an area of ​​235 thousand square meters. The 105-bed hotel with 300 rooms has meeting rooms, restaurants, disco, bar, pool, sauna and massage rooms. The hotel is 19 km from the city and 25 km from the airport. Kamuran Eroğlu, the general manager of the hotel, stated that the mountain has gained a different beauty with snow falling recently. Eroğlu said that congresses and symposium organizations are also held in their hotels. Saying that they enjoy providing quality service to their customers, Eroğlu also said that they have free shuttles to the airport and bus terminal, they provide transfers with luxury vehicles, and that they rent ski equipment to their customers.


No wonder Kayseri is the center of pastrami and sausage. The reason is, meat and pastries are dominant in Kayseri cuisine. The breeders here do not keep the animals in the stables. The animals, who are indoors for more than one month in snowy weather, walk around the mountain slope when the sun shows their face. That's why their meat is delicious. When Kayseri is mentioned, mantı comes to mind after pastrami. According to research, 36 kinds of mantı are cooked in this region. There are more than one restaurant in Kayseri and Erciyes that makes mantı.


Radisson Blu Hotel, which is among the first preferences of winter vacationers due to its proximity to Erciyes, is within walking distance of the city's social venues. The 22-storey hotel also draws attention with its elegance. The hotel has 244 rooms and suites, eight meeting rooms and ballrooms. Radisson Blu Hotel General Manager Fercan President said that the hotel, which is 5 km from the airport, offers its guests the magnificent view of Erciyes. You can find dishes of Kayseri Cuisine and world cuisines at the hotel. The hotel has a sauna, steam room, yoga and pilates room, Turkish bath, spa, indoor pool and winter garden.

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