edilon) (Sedra Rail System Solutions and Applications

edilon) (Sedra Rail System Solutions and Applications

Railway projects through tunnels (renewal of new tunnels or old ballast tunnels) are often complex projects due to limited tunnel height, rigid safety conditions and water drainage. edilon) (sedra can produce a solution to each of these conditions. The tunnel systems of the company provide significant improvements with construction height, easily cleaned lines and solutions that optimize access to emergency aid vehicles. If you are a unit operating in tunnel operation under very strict safety conditions, These are important factors that you should consider!

Rail system projects on the bridge are subject to strict rules regarding safety, noise and vibration reduction and installation time. Edilon (sedra) offers the latest technological solutions that meet all of these conditions, as an example of a specific technical solution, which is additionally developed for steel bridges with integrated protective rails, which do not require a high-cost protective rail structure (sedos) (sedra ERS). This system provides an aesthetic design without intervening beams.

Since the start of the use of non-ballast body systems, edilon) (sedra stands out as an expert in Levelways Systems. Edilon) (sedra LCS (Level Crossing System) system, compared with traditional level crossing systems based on ballast lines, continuous elastic rail This guarantees a high degree of transverse line balance and even reduces the risk of buckling.

Safety, easy access to emergency vehicles, aesthetic concerns and installation, as well as the need to save on future maintenance costs. For all rail system projects stations (new stations or renovation of old stations with ballast) all are important factors. edilon) (sedra) provides solutions for each of these factors by providing aesthetic and robust rail line systems while optimizing access of emergency aid vehicles.

In urban areas, tramway and light rail projects on the street have important conditions for noise reduction, access to emergency assistance and cleaning vehicles, short line occupation times, leakage current prevention and aesthetic appearance. With the easy installation, safe, durable and very beautiful solutions in the track systems installed on the avenues, the system meets the requirements of these conditions.

Security and large work areas are important factors in warehouses, washing facilities and workshops. edilon) (sedra's ERS (Embedded Rail System) systems are particularly suitable in warehouses because they offer a wider working area, especially in narrow working widths, in narrower widths of work. mm is wider and provides the space required for standard safety measures in storage areas.

The key factors in the rail system projects related to industrial areas are solid safety protocols, fast and efficient assembly and assembly of the 24 time of the day, seven days a week in the industrial field during installation. In addition, new or refurbished industrial lines should be capable of withstanding the heavy axle loads of container trains, container stackers and container trucks. As the leading solutions in these projects, edilon) (sedra is an experienced and valuable partner.

sedon CRS (Crane Rail System) is the optimum rail line system for all types of crane lines available in sea ports, inland ports, transfer terminals or industrial areas. offers long lasting and low maintenance rail system.

Noise absorption, leakage current prevention, fine dust retention and optimum drainage; In urban areas, tramway and light rail system lines are the most important factors that make sedra's grass lines an excellent solution.

The rail system projects in the viaduct cover very strict conditions regarding safety, noise and vibration reduction and installation time. In addition, the rail line system must meet high architectural requirements. Especially in this type of complex projects, it is a valuable business partner that you can trust for you.



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