Demand for Marmaray Freight Transportation

The Request for Marmaray Freight Transport: In the sector report of the TOBB Automotive Industry Council, a request was made for Marmaray to be opened to freight transportation.
According to information from the AA correspondent, 7. Turkey was presented report with the sector's problems and the solutions in the sectoral economy convention.
Turkey's exports of vehicles from 94 percent of the sea, mentioned in the report carried by the of the 2 percent of rail and 4 percent highway, logistics planning and costs, it was pointed out that a major problem faced by the automotive industry.
In the report, it was stated that the intermodal logistics infrastructure (transporting the cargo to more than one point with more than one transportation model without any operation on the cargo) in East and South Marmara, where the majority of industrial activities are carried out, is insufficient.
In the report, which pointed out that the logistics infrastructure should be improved in order to solve the problem, taking into account the weight of exports in production in the automotive industry, "Marmaray should be opened to freight transportation, the road and rail network around the ports should be improved and expanded in terms of exports, and the establishment of private autoport ports for export of vehicles should be supported." was evaluated.
In the report, which also includes evaluations on other problems related to the sector, it was recorded that vehicle sales taxes (VAT + SCT) were higher than other countries competing.

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