The Capital Was Once Again Knitted With Iron Nets

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Ankara experienced a boom in transportation during the AK Party's 13-year rule. The capital, which was rebuilt with iron nets, is experiencing its golden age in air and road transportation, while becoming the center of YHT. Ankara, where 13 billion TL has been invested, met with the subway in the city and the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) for intercity transportation. Working with the slogan of "The road is civilization" in Ankara, as in all of Turkey, the AK Party government, while 14,5 kilometers of divided roads to the capital until 2002, the distance of the divided road was increased by 466 times to 2 kilometers. In addition, 916 bridges and 2002 kilometers of asphalt work were carried out between 2015 and 24.


Name almost forgotten initiated by the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) was removed from the person again for 13 years. The capital, which had a length of 2002 kilometers of iron network until 310, was increased to 2014 kilometers as of 653. Ankara, which was almost re-knitted with iron nets, also met the comfort of YHT during this period. High-speed train services were launched from the capital, which became the center of YHT, to Istanbul, Eskişehir and Konya. Studies at YHT were not limited to these. In the upcoming periods, Ankara-İzmir and Ankara-Sivas YHTs with project costs of 12 billion TL will be included in the YHT flights that are put into service. YHT Gar project was also implemented in order to crown the YHT, which was implemented in order to enable citizens to reach comfortably and quickly. 2016 high-speed trains will be able to enter the station, which is under construction right behind the existing Ankara Station and is planned to open in 12. There will also be a hotel, cinema and shopping mall inside the train station. In addition to the YHT Station construction, Etimesgut YHT Station Complex works are continuing.


People of Ankara, who have met YHT in intercity transportation, have reached the convenience of transportation with the rail system in urban transportation. 12 Kilometers Batıkent-Sincan Metro on 2014 February 16 and Kızılay - Çayyolu Metro on 14 March 2014 were opened to the service of Ankara residents. With the addition of the Keçiören-Kızılay Metro to the subways, where thousands of people travel during the day, Ankara's urban traffic will take a sigh of relief. Another project that Ankara residents are eagerly waiting for is the metro line project from Esenboğa to Kızılay. It was learned that the project, which was given the good news by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, is currently in the study phase.


One of the biggest changes in transportation in the past 14 years has been in the airline. Air travel, which has been made cheap, has ceased to be the type of transportation used by a certain segment. With innovative changes, an average of 2003 thousand aircraft landed and took off at Esenboğa Airport until 35, while this number rose to 2014 thousand by 95. While there was a passenger traffic of 2003 million 2 thousand passengers in Esenboğa in 783, it has reached 2014 million passengers since 11.


Stating that it would be unscrupulous to ignore the AK Party's actions in 13 years, Nazmi Erdem said, “I am 73 years old, I have witnessed many party periods until this age. In the past, we used to walk through the fields as a road, and arrive at our destinations after hours or days. Now, it would be unscrupulous to consider the period in which the revolution was made in every aspect in these 13 years and those times. May God give these men strength, they continue on their way, we are so glad that if I had not one but five votes, I would give five of them. "This government has made us an age in 13 years."


Eyüp Kızıldemir, who is a minibus driver in Ankara, said, “These actions accelerated our lives. Now all roads are like highways, we are so used to these new roads. An hour of traffic on the Konya Road bothers us. In addition, investments in transportation have also reduced traffic accidents on the roads. When the road was beautiful, the traffic density decreased. If these investments were not made on these roads, how would Ankara get out of the traffic? There would be a lot of accidents when the roads were bad, now the accidents on long roads have decreased by 50-60 percent, the two-way roads built are effective in this decrease.


Taxi driver Mustafa Yılmaz said, “When we compare 13 years ago with today, everything is perfect. If we go back 13 years, the people could not get the reward of their hard work until the evening. I was taking the bus from Dikmen and going to Ulus in an hour and a half. We can go to İvedik in 13 minutes from Manzikert Boulevard. If these aren't revolutions, what is? These activities in transportation have accelerated and facilitated our lives. As taxi driver tradesmen, we find all the work done to be excellent and we stand behind all that has been done.”

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