What happened to the old trams

Konya's Old Trams Look What Happened: While Konya is renewing itself, it also reaches out to friendly cities and countries. The old trams that served Konya for decades are now in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality renewed its tram fleet with Skoda brand new trams. Following the smooth commissioning of the new trams, 20 of the old trams that served Konya for decades were donated to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was learned that TIKA covered the costs of the transportation of 20 old model trams donated to Sarajevo Tramway Management General Directorate from Konya to Sarajevo. It is stated that the maintained trams reach Sarajevo and will start the journey. The trams used before in Sarajevo were older and worn out than the trams from Konya.



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