Adana Belemedik - Hacıkırı Railway Photos

Adana Belemedik - Hacıkırı Railway Photos: There are 12 railway tunnels and many bridges between Belemedik Hacıkırı. The 17 km section between the two stations passes through Çakıt valley.

Photos here 31. was taken from 1064 mt through the tunnel. The height of the railway is 590 mt. Many places of the German road between Belemedik Hacıkırı were carved into rocks.

Varda Bridge is a bridge called "Big Bridge" by local people in the village of Hacıkırı (Kıralan) in Karaisalı district of Adana province. It is known as the Hacıkırı Railway Bridge or as the German bridge since it was built by the Germans in 1912. Its distance to Adana is 64 km via Karaisalı by road. The distance to Adana Station by rail is 63 km.

This bridge was made by the Germans, with a steel cage stone knitting technique. 6. It is located within the boundaries of the region. 1912 was opened in the year. The purpose of the bridge is to complete the Istanbul-Baghdad-Hijaz Railway line.

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