President Kocamaz: We Are Doing Mersin Rail System Research

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz stated that they are doing many important studies to solve Mersin's transportation problem and said, "We are researching the most suitable system for Mersin on the rail system, and we will finalize it as soon as possible."

President Kocamaz made a written statement and explained their efforts to solve the transportation problem of the city from the moment they took office. Expressing that they have done many important works in a year within this scope, Kocamaz noted that they started with the development of the transportation master plan of the city. In the workshop, national policies for urban transportation in Turkey, UN and EU urban transport policy, sustainable mobility, mass transit systems, quality of service, routes, town and transportation of rural areas, road and public transport, service transport and taxis, bicycle transportation, pedestrian transportation, transportation of disabled people, traffic management, smart transportation systems, traffic safety, regulations and control, parking investments, transportation engineering, road and junction design, freight transportation, regional and urban logistics, port transportation, regional transportation, highway connections, highways, Railways, sea and air transportation, disaster sensitive transportation system, disaster precaution and disaster logistics issues were discussed. ”

2015 60 from the beginning of the year by taking a new bus reminding the service they offer Kocamaz, gradually increasing the number of buses in the process they are planning to increase by adding all of the bus alarm buttons and camera systems, vehicle tracking system can be provided with control from a single center gave information.

Reminding that the demolition of the Tulumba Bridge, which is the bleeding wound of Mersin, was unanimously decided by the Metropolitan Council, Kocamaz started in Mersin Station and started at Mersin Station in Mezitli Soli Junction in the Transportation Master Plan and Rail System Feasibility Report of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. The arrangement of Tulumba and Göçmen Intersections, which are located on the ending rail system line, compatible with the rail system, layered intersection, sunk-output, together with the intersections specified in the Transportation Master Plan approved by the Ministry of Transport on 19 June 2012, are not specified in the Transportation Master Plan. However, he stated that the proposal regarding the authorization of the relevant departments and the evaluation of the subject in the revision works of the Transportation Master Plan was unanimously accepted in order to carry out projects for the design and construction of intersections such as Yenişehir Limonluk, Yenişehir Beşyol where there is excessive traffic congestion. Stating that his studies and investigations about the monorail system are continuing, Mayor Kocamaz said, “We are researching the most suitable system for Mersin regarding the rail system and we will conclude it as soon as possible”.

Günceleme: 12/06/2022 07:59

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