Skiing is planned next year on Yama Mountain

📩 24/11/2018 14:11

It is planned to ski next year on Yama Mountain: Malatya Governor Süleyman Kamçı stated that skiing will be possible next year with the completion of the work on Yama Mountain.

Kamçı stated that the road to the ski center planned to be built on Yama Mountain was previously undertaken by the Governorship, and that the road work was transferred to the municipality as Malatya became a Metropolitan Municipality, and that the work on the ski center was completed 90-95 percent. “I hope we are planning as skiing next year,” said Kamçı. Summer road will be made. After that, we rent it out by tender. "If there is a tenant, one can ski next year," he said.

Explaining that one of the boat built in Karakaya Dam Lake was completed and handed over to the municipality, Kamçı said that the boat could be launched into the water. Whip said, “One or two more are being done. They will also be downloaded shortly. We will have 3 boats in the summer. The purpose of this is that on the way to Mount Nemrut, passengers will be taken from the dam, then the bridge will be crossed, the sides of Doğanyol will be seen and then we will climb to Mount Nemrut. He was the target in the first place. Maybe the older ones can be used as restaurants. A group of 10-15 people can go, eat there, have their meeting, walk around the lake, ”he said.

Referring to the works in Levent Valley, Kamçı stated that they are working to include this place under the Nature Conservation and National Parks 15th Regional Directorate.

Stating that the Levent Valley, which has a tourism potential with its observation deck and natural structure, was transferred to Akçadağ Municipality, Kamçı stated that the facilities of the municipality were not sufficient to activate this place and said, “We had initiatives for the transfer of this place to the National Parks. If the natural park can be declared as a protected area, then the climbers club and the activities of the cyclists can be done here. It may also be beneficial for tourism ”.