İZBANda Electrical Panel of the Flame of the Critical Response to Criticism

Strong Response to the Criticism of the Electrical Panel's Flaming in İZBAN: İZBAN responded harshly to Bülent Çuhadar, the President of the United Transportation Union İzmir Branch.

İZMİR Suburban System (İZBAN) General Directorate responded harshly to Bulent Çuhadar, the head of the United Transportation Union İzmir Branch, who claimed that the safety of the trip was neglected due to the arcing occurring in a train set.

İZBAN, informing public opinion is made of misleading statements, for the sake of politics and for the sake of the passengers are trying to be dragged into concern.

In a statement made by İZBAN to the public, it was stated with great surprise and attention that they followed the developments that occurred last week in our train set, which they included in our fleet by rental, and the efforts to mislead the public with an opportunistic thought. In the statement of İZBAN, “Although he does not have any technical knowledge about the incident, İzmir Branch President Bülent, who made misleading statements about the incident by using the name of the United Transport Union (BTS) he is a member of, is trying to make our passengers worry for the sake of being prominent and politics. We declare that we will take legal action about Çuhadar, and we present the following issues to the attention of the public. ”

Contrary to what is claimed in the incident that took place in İZBAN last week, İZBAN General Directorate stated that there was no fire, exacerbation and explosion, and that the incident was entirely an electric arc (sparking). security. For this reason, we have ensured that all our sets are made of standard fireproof materials and equipped our trains with the latest technology security systems. No one should doubt that our passengers can travel safely after 4,5 years as they are. To argue otherwise is nothing more than producing ignorance and nonsense without recognizing the rail system. İZBAN is an exemplary rail transit company that is carefully followed not only in our country but also in Europe. One of the facts behind this power of İZBAN is its advanced maintenance technology. Our maintenance workshop in Çiğli is the largest indoor and most equipped rail system maintenance workshop in our country and can serve not only İZBAN but also sets from other companies. All the periodic maintenance of our trains is carried out in this high technology center without interruption. And contrary to what is claimed, maintenance is one of the factors that decrease operating costs. Therefore, it is equivalent to ignorance to claim that the sets are not taken into maintenance due to savings ”.

İZBAN General Directorate stated that the expression “one of the 10 train sets we rented from TCDD” was used in the press release after the incident, not to refer to TCDD, but to indicate which train set group the incident occurred in, and to divert the explanation from this sentence, He stated that he could not go beyond his efforts to create a sensation. Stating that reducing the cost is not an accusation, but an effort to be brag about in the conditions of our country, İZBAN General Directorate said, “However, the savings measures we apply have measures like every rail system operator. These; It is not measures that can endanger our passenger safety, never. We do not understand what kind of a link is between the '5 million US dollars + 5 million Euros' to be paid to TCDD and the arc experienced last week. This is an issue between TCDD and our company that is at the solution stage. İZBAN does not have a single penny outstanding debt neither to TCDD nor to an electricity distribution company. We now see hoping for such a topic as the last stage of desperation. To show other possible faults as repetitions and to claim that engineers are saving on trains is nothing but ignorance. Unfortunately, it is a natural result for people who do not have the smallest information about rail systems to confuse all the data. ”

Bulent Cuhadar, after the incident in his statement that a profit-making company, the cost calculation is made for the train sets of passenger transport is not done properly as necessary, TCDD to be paid 5 million US dollars + 5 million euro line rental fee does not pay, staff to save 1 was said to have been operating with a mechanic.

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