YOLDER and TCDD flags on top of Mount Kazbek

YOLDER and TCDD flags at the summit of Mount Kazbek: TCDD 3 Regional Director Tuna Aydın, who served as Map Technician in the Directorate of TCDD, licensed by YOLDER, summit on Kazbek Mountain in Tbilisi, Georgia during the last climb between 24 June -2 By doing this, 2017 waves the YOLDER and TCDD flags at the height of the meter.

As well as his profession of passion for mountaineering, which is the professional pursuit of mountaineering Aydin first, Hasan Mountain in the winter climb of the 3 thousand 628 meters of TCDD flag moved to the XNUMX, the target is to move to higher heights of institutions, said that the target.

This time, Tuna Aydın, who opened a YOLDER flag on the summit of Kazbek Mountain, which exceeds 5 thousand meters, made the Railway Construction and Operation Staff Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) proud.

We congratulate the esteemed YOLDER member Tuna Aydın, who made important climbs in mountaineering, which is one of the most challenging sports in the world, without sponsorship support, and we wish her continued success.

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