Discount on subway and municipal buses in Adana

Discount on the metro and municipal buses in Adana: For the students, the public transportation fee for buses and railways reduced the cost of 1 to the Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Hüseyin Sözlü.

Teachers will pay 2 and a half for 2015 1 from 1. According to the new decision taken by Adana Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME); teachers will be able to benefit 1 and half liraya from public transport. Previously, the city for public transport fee 1 liraya reduced the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana, Hüseyin Sözlü under difficult conditions, and a very important task that did not forget the teachers and the XNUMX and a half liraya to take advantage of public transport.


Fed We know that our teachers, our children, who have entrusted our future, are struggling to survive under difficult conditions and work with great sacrifices, ak said President Sözlü. We aimed to make a contribution to them as a metropolitan municipality by making a small contribution to public transportation. Previously, we had reduced the cost of public transport for our students to 1. Now for our teachers to reduce the cost 1 half liraya, we have done in order to make them benefit from public transportation cheaper. Şimdi


In the statement made by the Department of Transportation of the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana, the following information was given about the new fare tariff and the personalized electronic card system: Ulaşım With the decisions of the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), new tariffs for students and teachers were determined. It is aimed that our students and teachers will be able to travel with a discount. It is planned to give personalized electronic cards to the students and teachers in order to distinguish students, teachers and civilian passengers in the rail system and buses. Students and teachers are required to apply to the Passenger Operations Center (as well as the Metro Istiklal Station-Seyhan Municipality, D-400) to receive their electronic cards. The start date of the distribution of the cards is for 2 February 2015. The documents requested from the students are as follows: Student certificate for the academic year, 1 passport photos, birth certificate and photocopy. Documents requested from teachers: Duty certificate, 1 passport photos, birth certificate and photocopy. Delivery time: Weekday 08: 00-17: 00 hours of Delivery Location: Passenger Operations Center located near Istiklal Station. Students and teachers who receive a card will not have to show their ID cards. ''

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