Double-Deck Passenger Aircraft Coming to THY

Turkish Airlines' Chairman Hamdi Topçu, who said that they are planning aggressive growth in a wide body, said: “We also want to buy a two-story wide-body aircraft called 'wide body'. Our intention is to put these planes into operation together with the 3rd airport. ”
Turkish Airlines Chairman Hamdi Topçu said that they planned aggressive growth in the wide trunk and said, Yönetim We want to buy a wide-body aircraft called the ede wide body Türk. All this means that our long range destination will increase. Tüm
These planes are 3. Stating that they want to put these planes together with the airport, Topçu said ist Transportation sector is one of the main dynamics of the economy. Turkish Airlines also connects the regions in which it operates, and supports trade relations and tourism and paves the way for economic development in these regions. Türk
Aircraft orders
Noting that they have serious plans for 2015 and the following years, Topçu said, “We ordered 2020 narrow bodies and 117 wide bodies to be received by Airbus until 20. "We have a total of 20 aircraft orders from Boeing, including 95 wide and 115 narrow bodies." Evaluating THY's 2014, Topçu explained its 2015 targets to Milliyet…
2014; With the unexpected decreases in oil prices, when the FED will increase the interest rate, the risk potential has been high. How did THY spend a year in this environment?
2014 has shown success in our budget. Our competition area has expanded both in Turkey and abroad. Accordingly, we became an airline company that chases innovations. Increased competition in new areas, new stable Turkey's economic structure is also reflected in the sector as we are. This situation helped us to exceed our growth capacity in the field of economy. We will make a quick decision in management and complete 2014 without any injuries.
Being the largest airline is being described to fly to the very spot. How many countries, how many points have you reached now?
Today we are flying to the total 108 point in 264 country located in America, Far East, Europe, Africa and Middle East regions. 262 56 million passengers per year 11 million dollars in revenue generating revenue has reached a size. With these operations, Turkish Airlines is the second largest airline in Europe in terms of number of passengers flying to the highest number of countries and has been the best airline in Europe for four years.
2015 will not be an easy year for the world economy. Will your investments continue?
In 2015, we will continue our brand investments. In order to increase the brand awareness of Turkish Airlines, we will continue to work on all our flights. We will expand our flight network with our new aircraft to join our fleet.
How do you plan your staff policy in the coming period?
Our fleet size and the increase in our number of destinations bring staff needs. We are making serious investments in this regard. We need an 2018 pilot to 1800. THY has reached a family of 10 thousand people in the last 45 year.
'Conflict environment affected aviation'
Turkey is a difficult geography. How did the political, military risks surrounding the flight impact?
2014 was a tough year in the aviation industry. Various troubles in the world, the Civil Aviation sector in 2014 was marked. Conflict environments caused various deviations in the routes of the aircraft. Benghazi, Misurata and Tripoli in Libya; Mosul in Iraq; Aleppo and Damascus in Syria; Finally, this conflict in 2014 affected the civil aviation in Ukraine due to the conflict in Simferepol and Donetsk.
'We're not going to fly horizontally'
How did you project your medium-term goals and growth plans?
We are aiming for a serious growth up to 2018. 15-20 growth plan every year. We will move these figures forward both in cargo and passenger. We're not going to fly, we're going to keep climbing. We continue to grow profitably on solid financial fundamentals. In addition to its contribution to the country's economy and exports, Turkish Airlines also plays a flag bearer role in the development of country relations.
'Currencies do not affect us very much'
FED sooner or later will likely increase interest rates in the middle of next year and it will have an impact on rates. How much are you affected by the exchange rate?
The change in exchange rates affects us more in the domestic market. Domestic costs are increasing our costs. In addition, the domestic market narrows the demand for foreign passengers. On the other hand, if we think that the 80 of our revenue comes from international lines, we cannot say that exchange rates affect us very much.
'Ticket prices can be cheaper'
Will the prices of the 60 dollar be reflected in the oil prices?
Oil prices, which have a big share in the expenditure item, will be reflected in the competitiveness and tickets. We are currently doing promotional flights because we are in low season. I think the summer months will be more competitive. In this way, ticket prices may be cheaper in the summer season.
'Our new face can leave Hollywood'
Will there be any sponsoring sponsorships in the coming period?
We have a new sponsorship. But there is no project that we have yet to reach the decision stage. We're especially looking for a new face. We don't want to get it from the sports world, we want to expand the range. For example, we could make a deal with a Hollywood star. We are very careful and selective about this.



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