There is a railroad, there is a fast train, there is a freight train

There Railway, there are over a fast train, no train why have freight train in the suburbs: the stability of the government in Turkey and insisted the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) ediyorum.yht accept the rapid development of the network as one of the most important and modern service made this country a very large is an event. Konfordur is the economy, security, speed. I think in our country, the speed of railways work, it should be a little expensive, the construction of these roads, slower than it should be. But it's happening, new Speed ​​Train routes are being made.
Although the 1.5 year ended later than Planlan, Istanbul (Pendik) - Ankara between the YHT flights began. People from Eskişehir or Ankara are very pleased and appreciate this work.
On the other day, Istanbul-Konya YHT flights, which also crossed from Izmit, started officially.
This is also extremely important. He still has some shortcomings on his way to the High Speed ​​Train. As they are completed, the HRC will become faster and become a truly Fast Train. What's more, the government is committed, committed to the President. Turkey, will develop the High Speed ​​Train network, anywhere in the country will take place in a not very long process to come down with this trend.

I appreciate all of them on behalf of my country, and I am very pleased with all of them. But my priority is this city.
Thanks to YHT, you can go to Ankara from Izmit in 3 hours. Moreover, you can travel cheaply.
Thanks to YHT, it is possible to reach Konya from 7-8 hour at 3.5 hour. Thanks to YHT, Ankara, Eskişehir, Konya, Izmit was very close.
Well, how many hours, and how many hours we can go to Istanbul at the bottom of our nose. 50 of 11, who voted for the party that is in power today, more than 7, and the whole city of 13 in this city, who gave the whole party to the ruling party, should shout:
“Why can't I go to Istanbul?“
I am claiming. Two people from Izmit depart. Someone get on the Konya train from Izmit Station just at the hour. The other one is from Istanbul from the same place with his car or bus, and not to the other side; KadıköyLet's go to Üsküdar and Bostancı. It is very likely that when the first passenger arrives in Konya, the passenger who goes to Istanbul from the highway will be trapped between the HGS and OGS tolls at the Çamlıca toll booths of the Highway.
This is the city to this city? .. It spends the trillions of high-speed railways. Whose money? Most of it is our money. Konya Train, Ankara Train, and the railway is going on and on the same rail, Istanbul-Adapazari between the suburban train somehow does not work.
In fact, in Turkey, especially everyone who lives in this area, should react to the destruction Haydarpasa Railway Station between the YHT noise. Haydarpaşa which conceived the service was closed. Why did the train go up to Istanbul and reach the Bosphorus?
The commuter train is not important and necessary for this city to travel to and from Adapazarı, only to Istanbul. Of course, there is a very busy passenger traffic between İzmit and Adapazarı and Istanbul every day. But between Gebze-Derbent, Hereke-Köseköy, and between Eşme-Derince and all the settlements on the railway route you can think of in our city, people come and go every day.
Now they will make me a tram between Sekapark and the bus station.
First, bring this commuter train. What to do, Haydarpasa closed, until Pendik. There is railroad, there stands, speed train, freight trains passing through. Why not a commuter train.
Mr. Fikri Isik, Mr. Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, can you answer these questions?
Look, I'il give you a little more agitation. In Turkey today in Batman, Hakkari, Sirnak in one of our citizens, the plane ride from his city, 1 hours, he will get to know Istanbul 1.5 hours. In the near future the magnificent airport on the Black Sea will be finished. My citizen in Ordu, Giresun will also take the plane and land in Istanbul at the 1 hour.
My colleague, Efe Tur'a sentenced. You will pay big money, you will be stuck on the road; While the citizens of Batman are coming to the heart of Istanbul at the 1 hour, I will not be able to go to Istanbul from the 3 hour.
They say, ler Wait; We build the Northern Marmara Motorway. Kuzey
No. You're fooling us. Not intentionally. But you do not understand the needs of the people of this city, the expectations of the people of this city, the problems that they do not know at all. The problem lies here. Just when the time comes for selection, you have to vote for people who have migrated from this city to the city and who are now the majority.
As soon as we want our suburban train. We want a suburban train that, while working between Pendik-Adapazarı, we want from Gebze to Eşme at each stop within the boundaries of our province.
This city had a train. 20 can take a train from Gar every minute, 1 can reach Haydarpaşa in 15 minutes. We don't have automobile cars like you. Thousands of students, families, tens of thousands of people are perish on the roads.
By plane, Batmanlı, Şırnaklı, 1 is going to Istanbul every hour. We cannot go to Istanbul from this city.
Give us our train. We don't want too much from you. Give us our old life. Please, please ...

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  1. The author is right,% 100, even% Million times. Problem PLANNING ERROR ,. our country very special to those who know! (Uninformed, uninformed!). YES: YHT etc. investments 100 CONDITION. Thankfully, it was very good. AMA periphery per Where is he? We love to do heavy, missing, faulty, half-work, after all, our heads are still more SONG. Load before the line, man like suburban vehicles and lines, ie man-like distribution and collection, inevitable. This is planned, planned, considered. The commuter goes to Haydarpaşa! Also though it is full of corridors and the infrastructure is congested though. This is an ORGANIZATION AND COORDINATION ISSUE. So we're the weakest!