TCDD is the most damaging SOE

TCDD is the most damaging SEE: It has become clear by the Deputy Prime Minister, Ali Babacan, which institutions are making the loss of TL 2025 billion of the State Economic Enterprises (SEEs) announced in the 3,8 budget talks.
According to the Public Enterprises 2013 Report announced by the General Directorate of State-Owned Enterprises, TCDD 1 was the most vulnerable SEE with a loss of 28. 558 million per loss with TCDD Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) was followed. 2013 billion TL loss of income was paid to SEEs in 1,93 and duty loss was paid to 1,63 billion TL. SEEs were transferred from the budget to 2013 billion TL cash transfer from 7,3.
According to the report TCDD 2012 877,5 2013 loss in the year 45,9 1 28 2012 1,13, 2013 increased to $ 1 billion. In 4, TCDD increased its 1,18 billion TL operating loss in XNUMX by XNUMX to XNUMX billion.
The report underlined that the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) is a company that is constantly harmed due to structural problems and needs financial support. The General Directorate of Meat and Milk Agency increased the loss of 2012 million in 529,4 to 5,5 million in 2013. The General Directorate of Tea Enterprises also closed the 558,7 year with a loss of 2012 million TL due to operating and financial expenses. Electromechanical Industry Directorate-General of Turkey in the year 25,1 81,3, 2013 million worth of damage was increasing with the 45,4 percent interest 2013 million. Hamitabat subsidiary of Electric Generation and Trade Inc., the first month of 39,3 2012 36 million of years, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. 9 million, Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. has hurt 33 per million.
Report, 'Other Public Enterprises and Funds' under the heading of AA 2013 112,5 in the Press Release Information Directorate said that the 2012 million TL was transferred. In the report, which is stated as the personnel expenses at the beginning of the important expense items of the organization, it is reported that the 126,6 operating loss in 2013 increased by 302 to 105,7 million TL in XNUMX.
Income loss payments made to state-owned banks and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Union with the duty loss payments made to SEEs amounted to 1,93 billion TL and duty loss payments to 1,63 billion TL. 76,6 2012 percent 80,5 2013 57, XNUMX XNUMX in the amount of payments made in the amount of duty loss due to grain purchases of TMO'in said that the payments made. Other important duty loss items are TKİ and TTK's free-of-charge coal distribution and the operation of non-economic trains to TCDD.
When we look at the kit in the Privatization Administration's portfolio 50 percent of the state's share in Turkey Sugar Factories Inc. 251,4 million, Sümer Holding Inc. 26,4 million, TTA Property Inc. 116,8 million, Turkey is Electricity Distribution Company made a loss per 4,4 billion. 3,8 billion of this amount was due to loss of share transfer companies.

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