TCDD Adapazarı Expresses Adapazarı Gara Sokmalı

It is said that Adapazarı Express Garage from United Transport Employees Union should bring the TCDD Adapazarı Express to the Mission and Vision of the Organization.

BTS's statement is as follows; Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, MHP Group Deputy Erkal Etçioğlu, who took the floor in the March 12.03.2018 Ordinary Assembly Meeting held on 2018, brought the debts of the municipality to İller Bank and said that “It is necessary to meet TCDD on the Adapazarı Express” at the central point. Toçoğlu said, “It is difficult to deal with railways. Turkey's most conservative bureaucrats there. We went with many projects, but it didn't happen. These guys exhausted us now. "There is no problem with Ankara. Generally, those in the Regional Directorate behave a little differently." First of all, we would like to state that this statement is not acceptable as our union.

Starting from 1899, Adapazarı Express trains from Adapazarı Gara have been closed from the date of 01.02.2012 to speed up the construction of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project, not to obtain development rent by building a shopping mall in Adapazarı Gar area of ​​Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality has signed a contract with TCDD and has started to operate as a suburban train under the name of ADARAY, which is more frequent than Adapazarı Expresses by Adapazarı-Arifiye.

The Adapazari-Arifiye Commuter Service Contract, which was signed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Sakarya, was terminated by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality on the date of August 6461.

As stated by Erkal Etçioğlu, the Deputy Chairman of the MHP Group, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality owes not only to the Bank of Provinces, but also to the TCDD at the 3.700.000.00 TL for the use of line and vehicle allocation under the Adapazarı-Arifiye Commuter Service Agreement. The Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality did not pay this debt to date by using its influence as a municipality close to power.

For the customers (DTİs), to keep the existing railway network and vehicles ready for service, to build new lines and connection lines as necessary, to manage all railway traffic effectively, to integrate with other transportation systems, to economic, safe, comfortable, technological and environmental issues. TCDD, whose mission is to provide service to the use of Adapazarı Railway and trains by demonstrating the attitude and determination of the organization defined as providing the transportation system with the technological infrastructure and efficient management of TCDD. It is not the right approach to label 1. Regional bureaucrats as HOLDER.

As in the developed countries, the most important solution in urban transportation, rail transport to the middle of the city of Adapazarı as a chance to see it as a chance to be the biggest defender of the Mayor should be before the TCDD officials.

In 9 / b (2) of the Railroad Crossing Measures and Implementing Regulation, N No limit can be opened, lower or overpass can be opened at the points passing the 30.000 coefficient moment. For this reason, instead of doing shopping mall project in Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Adapazarı Gar area, passing the 30.000 coefficient between the Adapazarı and Arifiye, 5 crossing the level crossing should be solved by presenting the project of the overpass or overpasses to be made for the road vehicles.

ADN Express 4 20 working as an 2017 couple in the day with the municipality close to the government. Adapazarı Expresses Adapazarı should not pass the mission and vision of the organization in a way that does not bring halal.

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