Lightning stage of the nostalgic tram

He said judgment to the Yıldırım stage of the nostalgic tram: While Bursa traffic was trying to get used to the nostalgic tram, a surprise decision came out from the Bursa 2nd Administrative Court.

The court stopped the execution of the 2nd stage tram lines in Yıldırım and all the zoning plan changes.


The “İncirli-Davutdede-Yeşilyayla-Siteler” route, which is the branch of the existing tram line extending from Gökdere Boulevard to Yıldırım, has been suspended.

Bursa City Planners Chamber, who opened the case, and now the Metropolitan Municipality has to find a new way.


The differences between the claims in the litigation process and the arguments are interesting!

For example;

The Nostalgic tram project has been advocated in particular by the Metropolitan team at the court, emphasizing the tourism potential:

“The existing line, which aims to reduce motor vehicle traffic and increase pedestrian traffic, also reveals the historical texture in the region; develops its tourism potential. "


The claims of the Bursa Chamber of City Planners are very different:

“The route is too narrow for both vehicle and tram operation. It carries a risk in terms of pedestrian safety. This project, which is not suitable for the large scale plan, is also not based on scientific / technical facts. It is a work for accessory rather than transportation. "


After all, the court,

He canceled the 2nd stage of the nostalgic tram that will extend to Yıldırım in 2 stages.

Alright what now?

This may be a challenge for the Mayor Recep Altepe, who promised to extend the tram line to Yıldırım and Nilüfer residents before the local elections.

Because, local governments, even if the investment in the head stops the judiciary, making small changes on the project, can continue to work from where it left off.


Metropolitan has 4 simple options.

1- To produce an alternative route for the tram.

2- Expand the current path without changing the route.

3- Shifting automobile traffic in other directions.

4- To abandon the project.

We know that this last possibility is too low.

If we take into account the heavy burden of expropriation costs, in fact the Metropolitan does not have much of a choice.

It is not known which path Recep Altepe, who is striving to develop his tourism potential, will choose with his team, but there is a fact that we are sure,

He also;

As much as the Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Chamber of City Planners strives for the healthy transportation of the city.



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