New Tram Lines Coming to Bursa

bursa nostalgic tram
Photo: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

New Tram Lines Coming to Bursa: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the nostalgic tram on Cumhuriyet Street will be extended with new lines, and that they included the transportation of the T1 tram line, which is the city rail project, which is still underway, to Yalova Road.

Recep Altepe traveled with citizens along the Davutkadı-Zafer Square tram line to Cumhuriyet Street with the nostalgic tram concept. Stating that the nostalgic tram will be extended to Yeşilyayla, Ertuğrul Gazi and Mesken with new lines, Altepe said:

“This line, which was built on Cumhuriyet Street with the nostalgic tram concept, has achieved a remarkable success in alternative transportation with about 7 thousand passengers it carries every day. Over time, all our citizens started to enjoy using the tram. Trams have become one of the alternative transportation lines in the market area and the interest is increasing day by day. Daily passenger capacity exceeded 7 thousand. This capacity is increasing day by day. In addition, we have included the issue of extending the urban T1 line to Yalova Road, which is under construction. While weaving Bursa with iron nets, we aim to include our trams that do not pollute the environment, are modern and air-conditioned, and operate quietly. We want to bring the same beauties to Yalova Road after Altıparmak, İnönü and Çarşamba Streets. "

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