The Mukhtars Made the Action

Muhtars Taken Action to Move Railway: Muhtars, who came together in MANİSA, took action upon the death of a person in the last train accident that occurred. The headmen, who were also supported by the citizens, said that dozens of people died on the railway and asked for the line to be moved outside the city.
The residents of the neighborhood decided to take action after Zeydin Korkut was stuck under the passenger train at the level crossing on his way to the factory in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, where he worked as a worker yesterday morning. The group, who said that the residents of the neighborhood died in train accidents in the region recently, including Nurlupınar, Turgut Özal, Kazım Karabekir, Akpınar, Ahmet Bedevi and Adnan Menderes neighborhood mukhtars, came together at the place where the accident took place.
Making a press statement on behalf of the group, Nurlupınar Neighborhood Headman Süleyman Seven said, “These casualties are not the first, nor will they be the last. We know this like our name. Before us, mukhtars and we brought this issue to the agenda many times. An underpass was built here by the Railways Regional Directorate, but was later closed without any justification. The underpass was not put into service because the railways made the wrong project. Our friend passed away due to absenteeism, his children remained. The people want these railways to be removed from here. Tantan or underpass are temporary solutions. The railway should be taken out of the city ”.
Zafer Korkut, a relative of Korkut, who died in the accident, stated that they had a great pain and said, “We were hurt, let others not be hurt. Our pain is too great. So many people died. But nothing has changed. We want it to change now, ”he said. The group that started a petition campaign then broke up quietly.



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