TCDD 21 opens to private sector in June

TCDD 21 opens to the private sector in June: Railway 21 is moving into a new era as of June. Private sector will be able to carry out its own train. 6-7 has requested the Ministry until now

A new era will start in 21 as of June. With the liberalization of the railways that will be opened to the private sector, a more qualified and more efficient transportation system will be introduced. Restructuring of TCDD as a rail infrastructure operator upon completion, trains will be operated lines, will allocate the use of these lines, such as the characteristics and belonging to the railway line access charges will publish the network statement contains the subject, and one year to the railway line to the company if it meets the requirements of the private sector.

2003-2015 years 50.1 billion pounds in total government investing in the railway sector, the scope of planning to 2023 55 billion dollars with an investment objectives, aims to initiate a new era of railway operations. In this context, the final bend 21 will be returned in June. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry of Railway 1 2013 May xnumx't to the interests of Turkey and Turkish State Railways rail infrastructure operator in June with the Law on the Liberalization of Transportation as well as TCDD Transport Inc. to be rebuilt.

On railways, the use of train lines within the scope of the access agreement will be allocated to the 1 yearbook. Passenger and freight separation will not be made in the allocation of the train line. The railway train operator will be given the right to operate on the basis of the fee specified in the network notification. There may be differences in the allocation fees of the train lines according to the routes. Infrastructure operators to determine the costs of the train will be operated in the national railway network access to the train line access fees and line maintenance and repair costs will be taken into consideration. In order for the private sector to perform railway transportation, it will also have to meet certain requirements. According to the Regulation on Registration and Registration of Railway Vehicles published by the General Directorate of Rail Regulatory Affairs (DDGM), companies will register the vehicles they will use in the enterprise. According to the draft Railway Operation Authorization Regulation, which will be published at the stage of publication, rail freight and passenger transportation authorization certificate will be required. Operators will also have important obligations regarding safety.

After the construction of TCDD; As a railway infrastructure operator, TCDD will publish a network notification including the lines of train lines, features of these lines and access fees for train lines. TCDD Transportation Inc. and other private railway train operators will request a train line from the published network.

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  1. It is the right time to run Istanbul-based long-line passenger trains using Siemens and Talgo hybrid trains. In this context, in June, the fishy way to open the path of Istanbul YTM + Istanbul Izmir and Ankara Izmir, Istanbul-Adana, Istanbul-Kars, Istanbul-Diyarbakir and Istanbul is opened with the horizon of the Sivas YHT line is now very much needed with the Samsun-diyarbakir line. I can recommend the Bandırma-Balıkesir ankara line.