Illuminated signaling system completed but not activated

The light signaling system was completed but not activated: The light signaling system, which started construction in order to prevent traffic accidents in front of Mini Köşk Restaurant of İzmit-Kandıra Road, was completed.
The construction of the light intersection, which was started in the last week, was completed at the weekend with the intense work of the Metropolitan teams. Signaling poles erected, lamps fitted. On the road, where cabling work is also largely over, signaling has not yet been energized and commissioned. Whether this study will bring the desired solution to solve the traffic problem in the region will be determined after the system is put into operation.
Mini Kiosk Restaurant in front of the mobile and signaling system that can be used by vehicles coming from both directions. The lights have not yet been switched on as cabling work has not been completed. The extent to which the system will solve the problem will be understood when used. The 'U' return from the area is also prohibited.

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