Konya-Istanbul high speed train service one week free

Konya-Istanbul high-speed train services are free for one week: Good news for the people of Konya, "Free high-speed train services to Istanbul for 1 week" shocked TCDD personnel. The train station was full of people who wanted to travel for free.

When President ERDOĞAN gave the good news of free high-speed train to Istanbul for 1 week, citizens of Konya, especially university students, rushed to Konya train station. The crowd overflowing outside the station building made the toll booths inoperable.

Citizens who wanted to buy paid tickets to other cities were stunned by the view. However, the “free ticket holders”, most of whom are university students, behave very understandingly and give a turn to those who want to buy tickets other than free tickets. They are appreciated for this civilized behavior. We also wish "good travel" to those who manage to buy tickets.


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