Disabled People Will Be Served In The Metro Underpass

Disabled persons will serve on the subway underpass: Adana Metropolitan Municipality has long been thrown in a position Istiklal Metro Stop pedestrian underpass to Turkey Disabled Association to be done training and service activities (TSD) has awarded Adana Branch.

On the two sides of the D-400 highway, the Istiklal Metro Stop Underpass, which has 2 access and 3 rooms, is protected by 2 security guard, is allocated for the use of TSD for 3 years for training and service activities. Halis Kassap, the chairman of the Adana branch of the TSD, said that the renovation of the idle area of ​​approximately 250 square meters allocated to them would be carried out by the Seyhan Municipality, and said that the area will be an area of ​​education, relaxation and integration for the disabled.

Stating that they, as the association, have provided various trainings to 2003 thousand 2 people since 480, Halis Kassap noted that at least half of the people who received these trainings are currently working in serious jobs. Stating that they have provided trainings such as computerized pre-accounting, operatorship, web design, office software, courthouse follow-up procedures to ensure the employment of disabled people, Kassap said, “He used to go to a disabled employer, 'What qualification do you have? They were stuck when faced with the question. Now they go educated, they show that they can do the job and get the job, ”he said.

Emphasizing that there will be no accessibility problem, Kassap stated that disabled people can come to the region by a single vehicle or directly by metro. Stating that “We use our rights of criticism and discretion honestly to everyone,” Kassap continued as follows:
“It is obligatory for local administrators to fulfill 'Accessibility and Accessibility' by law. We will use our discretionary rights for our Seyhan and Metropolitan Mayors. They have done a very serious service and we will invite them both to the opening once the arrangements are complete. Before we came here, people were coming down in fear, but when we settle here, everyone will enter and exit safely. We will also evaluate an idle place and this will return to disabled people as education. "



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