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İzmirin Uludağı Left Unattended: Bozdağ Ski Center, one of the most important tourism centers of the Aegean Region and known as "Egenin Uludağı", was left unattended.

In the past years, after the avalanche danger occurred in a part of the ski center affiliated to the Governorship of İzmir Provincial Special Administration in 2013, the facility closed its doors to its visitors. The ski center, which was transferred to the General Directorate of Forestry after the closure of the Provincial Special Administrations within the scope of the whole city law, is now completely abandoned to its fate.
The deplorable state of the ski resort whose door is locked makes the hearts of those who see it sore. The fact that there is neither a security guard nor a duty officer at the ski center with “No Entry” on the door reveals that the facility is idle. Citizens who come to the door of the ski center, which is flooded by citizens especially during the winter season, are disappointed. Citizens who travel for miles are forced to take a souvenir photo here and return.

Did he get scarce?
What will happen to Bozdağ Ski Center, one of the few centers of the Aegean Region, and whether it will be opened is a matter of curiosity. Citizens who came to the center said that they wondered why the facility was closed, that such a beautiful facility would disappear in an idle state, and that the authorities should be sensitive to the issue as soon as possible and the facility should be brought into tourism.

Izmir Forest Regional Deputy Director Erdal Çetinkaya made the statement about the transfer of the facility and the closed area. Çetinkaya said:
"The provision of the first paragraph of the Provisional Article 28.05.2014 of the Law on the Establishment of Metropolitan and Twenty-Seven Districts in Fourteen Provinces and the Amendment of Certain Laws and Decree Laws, numbered 12674, attached to the letter dated 6360 and numbered 1 of the Governorship of İzmir Governorship of Provincial Local Administrations The facility was received by our Administration on 1 in accordance with the decision dated 12.05.2014 and numbered 59 of the “Transfer, Liquidation and Allocation Commission” established in accordance with the decision. The permission given by our Ministry with the approval number 10.06.2014 dated 05.08.2014 has been canceled. The works for evaluating the facility by registering the fixture of the Bayındır Business Directorate have been started and are still ongoing. After the completion of the fixture registration works, if deemed appropriate by our General Directorate, a transaction will be established within the framework of the Public Procurement Law No. 128 in order to operate the facility. "

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