Green light in Falakro ski resort

📩 24/11/2018 13:56

Green light for the Falakro Ski Center: Eastern Macedonia has issued an operating license for the Falakro Ski Center, one of the major development points in the province of Trakya and the province of Drama, and announced that infrastructure works will be initiated.

Falakro Ski Center, which has been facing serious problems in recent years, has no operating license. After the coordination of the Eastern Macedonian Thrace State units and the Deputy Head of Drama Argiris Patakis, the operating license was issued for the first time to the Falakro Ski Center under the protocol number 26834 / 19-12-2014.

The illegal structures in the center of the 4178 / 2013 number and dated by the law was recorded. Yorgos Pavlidis, the President of Eastern Thrace State of Eastern Macedonia, gave instructions on a number of issues for the operation of the center regularly, as well as the action plan to be implemented for the ski resort.