Bursa Cable Car is in the Hotels Area

Bursa cable car services will start soon
Bursa cable car services will start soon

The cable car, which has been renewed by the Metropolitan Municipality, which breathes with radical solutions for transportation in Bursa, and transports citizens to Uludağ with its modern face, is starting to carry passengers to the Hotels Area.

Bursa Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who signed the deep rooted services in transportation, said that the cable car 'now reached the Hotel Zone. Altepe, who carried out the test ride of the cable car, which was the focus of interest of local and foreign tourists with the modern face to the Hotel Zone, said, Otel The cable car used for 50 years in the transportation point of Bursa, which is one of the most important symbols of Bursa, continues its services with a brand new system. The capacity was also about as high as the 12 fold-up cable car going up to Sarıalan. Our goal today is to transport the cable car to the Hotel Zone. A beautiful journey, accompanied by panoramic views of the beauties of Uludağ, we provide access to the ski slopes with a journey of approximately 22 minutes. Güzel

”Sarıalan - 12 minutes between Hotels Zone“

Altepe reminded that Uludağ is an important center in terms of winter sports and said, olduğun Access to the Hotel Zone has become easier in Bursa. Teleferikte, this period for the first time with the work of the cable car between the Yellow Sea and Hotels Region Uludag is starting. Today we had a trial trip and we reached the Hotel Zone in 12 minutes. Uludağ, a distinct beauty. We reached a comfortable and uninterrupted journey with the magnificent view of Uludağ. Today, on a windy day, the old cable car did not work when the wind normally passed the 35 kilometer. At the moment, despite the fast winding 60 km we made a comfortable journey with the new ropeway, Şu he said.

Mayor Altepe stated that the new ropeway system can work under difficult conditions with its modern structure and said, “The ropeway will be opened to transportation after the trial runs. In other words, before the New Year, the ropeways will start to the Hotels Area on Wednesday, ”he said.

Thanks to Mayor Altepe

Local tourists coming from Istanbul and Manisa also loved the cable car which became an indispensable part of the transportation of the citizens of Uludağ. Bursa, the citizens of the city, the Metropolitan Municipality provided the city with the cable car access to Uludag is a very pleasant and comfortable service, he said. Muh Najib Fayzam, who came to Bursa from Indonesia, expressed his admiration for Bursa where he came with his family. He said that they came to Uludağ with a cable car and that they had enjoyed the snow for the first time in the presence of a magnificent view.



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