Free ski lifts in Uludağ turned into a tribe

A free ropeway at Uludağ turned into a stalemate: due to the celebrations in Uludağ, there was a confluence when the ropeway was only free of 2 hours.

Teleferik Aş. The Turkish flag in the hands of the citizens of Teferrüç 18.00 20.00'dan up to the free Uludag announced. However, when the timing of the application was bad and short, there were long queues and confluence. Citizens who went to the celebrations in Sarıalan experienced the same ordeal in the turn.

Bursalılar, Teleferik Aş. while reacting to their managers, they wanted the practice to be done throughout the day. Authorities, 10 more than a thousand people moved free of charge, indicating that this figure passed the 29 October.

Some of the citizens who participated in the 30 August event in Sarıalan, but also experienced the same ordeal on the way back, returned to Bursa.

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