Surprise development in Izmir's Tram project

Surprise development in İzmir's Tram project: İZMİR Metropolitan Municipality will make a surprise change on the 13-kilometer tram route between Üçkuyular and Halkapınar, following the suggestions and criticisms, especially the occupational chambers. An alternative project was prepared with the instruction of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu to build the tram where the place was delivered to the producer company, between the Üçkuyular-Konak section, on the existing road in Mithatpaşa Street, instead of the pavement, car park and parks where the trees are located. If Kocaoğlu gives the final approval, the producer company will be informed of the route change.


Üçkuyular-Halkapınar, which is one of the important alternatives for solving the transportation problem in the city center in İzmir and Karşıyaka- The tender for Bostanli trams was made. Prior to the tenders, the Chamber of Architects, especially the professional chambers, explained some reservations and objections. Professional chambers suggested that the route be passed through Mithatpaşa Street with the current vehicle traffic flow instead of passing through Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard until Üçkuyular Konak. Vocational chambers in the poet Eşref Boulevard mulberry trees and parking lot in the middle of the median refuge to pass, the use of the existing road and pedestrians crossing the line to prevent barriers to be put in place. Profession chambers who wanted the trees not to be cut, demanded a separate road for the tram. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the tender specifications at the stage of preparation of the objections made by the chambers of the profession a year ago in December 2013 history was revised taking into account. It was decided that the line would come from Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard to Konak and then pass the Konak Pier to the mixed system, the line would be installed on the existing road, the trams would be part of the traffic and it would work according to the signaling system. In the poet Eşref Boulevard, the passage of the line through the middle median was abandoned. Thus, mulberry trees were saved. However, 1's suggestion that the chambers to cross the line between Üçkuyular-Konak through Mithatpaşa Street was not taken into consideration years ago.


Gülermak company won the tram tenders. On August 2014, the company has been cut off. Construction sites were established. However, the reaction of the chambers on the beach boulevard, the interruption of the pedestrians with the 6 lane and the interruption of the two-lane tram line continued. On the other hand, the car park on the beach will be reduced to be criticized by the citizens living here.

KOCAOĞLU explained

Taking into consideration the recommendations of the chambers a year ago, the first revision of the Metropolitan Municipality of the 5 a month later this time the line between Üçkuyular-Konak Mithatpaşa Street to take the alternative route project was prepared to be taken. Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu recently prepared an alternative route project for the passage of the line from Mithatpaşa Street considering the sensitivities, criticisms and suggestions of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard. Mayor Kocaoglu, Izmir Economic Development and Coordination Board Gaziemir New Fairground tour of the tram line will take the Mithatpaşa Street announced.


Kocaoğlu has not yet given the final approval for the alternative route project on the passage of the tram, which was announced by Mithatpaşa Street. If the signature of the change undertakes the new route and the project contractor firm Gülermak will be notified. The change will not adversely affect the annual tender process of 3. Hence, hundreds of trees on the agenda of the dismantling of the professional chambers will remain.


Hasan Topal, Chairman of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Architects, said that he found the decision to pass through Mithatpaşa Street as they suggested by the tram. Saying that the changes made between Konak Pier and Alsancak Station have turned into the way they suggested, but they said that the project will have some negative reflections to the city due to the fact that Mithatpaşa Street is not preferred, Ö. . Coastal transportation would be difficult with two tram lines. If the decision of Mithatpaşa Caddesi is final, it would be very correct. ”


Fahrettin Altay Square will start from the side of the market tram line from the tram line will change from Mithatpaşa Street to Konak until the current traffic will be mixed. It'il fit the signaling. Under the pedestrian bridge in front of Konak Pier, the tram line that will drive from the side of the road to Gazi Boulevard will enter Şehit Fethi Bey Street and from there it will use the route with the highway traffic. Following the Republic Square, the line will go to Şehit Nevres Boulevard and from there to Şair Eşref Boulevard. The tram line is going to be divided into two. The line which will continue in this way until Vahap Özaltay Square will be reunited near Alsancak Station. Following the Gar, the tram line that goes to Şehitler Street will end at the Halkapınar Warehouse Area of ​​İzmir Metro.


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  1. Nice and rational thought, decision. Congratulations. Your mind is one way! It is good to see that this point is understood and understood. What is left now is to plan and organize traffic flows in a rational, technical, scientific and sociological manner. In this context, the opinion of the environment should be heard and justified arguments should be taken into consideration. Please note that; The majority of the idea-makers fall from the basement to the top of the brain, do not experience any loss of knowledge, good manners, custom, and do not suffer the brain. You can meet such people, which you can only take advantage of. Conversely, the important thing is to be able to talk, plan and apply how the well should be covered, without falling into the well! I hope that the typical Izmir style, a new never ending story, no long weather!