PPG Turkey, Intercity Car Refinishes was supplier

PPG Turkey, Intercity Car Refinishes was the supplier: The world's number one auto repair paint supplier PPG with the one provider out of every four vehicles leased in Turkey Intercity, have agreed to work together in the auto repair process. Near the 35.000 in Intercity's fleet, the vehicle will use PPG Auto Repair Coatings and by-products in the paint / bodywork repairs.
PPG will provide Intercity's giant vehicle fleet with all the necessary auto repairing paints and products with its high quality water-based repair paints used in paint / bodywork processes, innovative products and color technologies that provide close to the 100.
Bülend Alpay, Country Manager of PPG Auto Repair Coatings, pointed out that rental companies have been increasing their influence in the market especially in the last 10 year. He is one of the most important players of PPG in the sector. support will be indicated. Alpay said that this cooperation will bring profit and productivity increase for both sides.
Intercity Services and After-Sales Services Director Halil Özkan said that they are excited to start a long-term business partnership with PPG and that PPG's high technology, unlimited color measurement and formulation systems as well as environmentally-friendly water-based products are influential in Intercity's choice. .
Call Kırteler, Sales and Marketing Manager of PPG Auto Repair Coatings, stated that Intercity would supply the right PPG product at the right time with the most reasonable prices:
Iz As PPG, we are the number one supplier of automotive manufacturers in the world. It is such that, in every 3 vehicle you see on the roads, the 2 uses PPG technology. We will provide all the technology and knowledge we have gained from these global experiences to the service of Intercity ecrüb.
PPG Auto Repair Coatings OEM Business Development Manager Ulaş Ata stated that both companies are the pioneers of the firsts in their respective sectors and that they will strengthen the power of both PPG and Intercity.
PPG Refinish experienced team started its independent operations in Turkey in 1994, 4750 m2 located their operations in Tuzla continues PPG Refinish & Training Center.

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