Yahya is very dangerous for Captain Pedestrian Pedestrian

Yahya Captain Junction is very dangerous for pedestrians: With the decision of UKOME Metropolitan Municipality, on the D-100 highway, the duration of the traffic lights at Yahya Captain Junction has changed. The entrance to the Yahya Kaptan was closed for the rapid flow of vehicle traffic on the D-100 highway in the direction of Ankara and Istanbul.
In the new application, the red light at Yahya Captain junction is lit only for pedestrians to cross the street. But for the pedestrians the duration of the burning light is too short. When a pedestrian who wants to cross the road by Yahya Kaptan District wants to run to the other side when he burns green, he comes back to the middle of the road and the green light turns on for the vehicles. For this reason, those who want to cross the D-100 from this region on foot are experiencing a great risk. In this part of the road, an arrangement that does not endanger the pedestrians must be done as soon as possible.



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