Another modern intersection comes to Dilovaya

Another modern intersection comes to Dilovası: Dilovası began work on the construction of the second intersection. D-100 At the entrance of Dilovası on the highway, Eyrence Junction will be modernized with a new project. The intersection will be transformed into a clover junction in order to reduce traffic density and ensure safe passage. Metropolitan Municipality carried out expropriation in the region in order to make the intersection. Expropriated buildings are falling one by one. 86, which consists of total 38 apartments around the intersection of Metropolitan Municipality, has nationalized the building. The demolition process of the last two buildings is under way. The total land area of ​​26 16 cost 22 million 981 thousand TL. After the completion of demolition by means of expropriation, the intersection will be carried out by Highways. Eyrence Intersection, Dilovası entrance-exits and heavy vehicles to facilitate the transition to the industrial zone.

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