EGS (Donkey Passage System) did not pass the Bosphorus Bridge!

📩 24/12/2018 16:54

EGS (Donkey Pass System) could not pass the Bosphorus Bridge: The French couple in four years on the donkey and mule 11 thousand kilometers of the world tour, the Bosphorus Bridge was fitted to the police barrier. 29-year-old Morgane Lefevre and his wife, David Lefevre 33-age, on the way back to their countries on the way to the Bosphorus Bridge with donkeys and mules policemen tried to cross the bridge.
Police escort
The police said, ın Crossing of pedestrians and animals is prohibited. You have no choice but to ride a truck with your animals. The passage of trucks is not allowed from this bridge but from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in the north kuzey
Rent a truck
"We do not have money to rent a truck, or a police vehicle to accompany us use this bridge, or you set us a truck," he discussed with the police for minutes. When the officers did not step back, he started to search for the empty space where he could spend the night with his double animals, who angrily threw the Bosphorus Bridge.

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