BTS Members Walk to Ankara Against Privatization

BTS Members March to Ankara Against Privatization: United Transport Employees Union (BTS) Mersin Provincial Representative Devlet Gül Sözbir stated that they started marching to Ankara from 9 different branches against the privatization of railways, and that the walking arm that set off from Gaziantep on Wednesday, 19 November, Mersin. Reported to be in.

BTS members marched from Istanbul, Balıkesir, Van, Gaziantep and Zonguldak stations to Ankara for the privatization of railways. November 24 2014 history of union members which merged in Ankara Station, here the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate front foot, they voiced their reactions against privatization. The members of the BTS Mersin Provincial Representative also supported their friends in the walking arms.

A group of union members who gathered in front of the BTS Provincial Representative at Mersin Railway Station expressed their reactions to privatization by shouting slogans. Here, the group made a statement on behalf of the State Provincial Representative BTS Sozbir Gul, as a result of neo-liberal policies being implemented in xnumx'l year that Turkey's privatization of many public institutions, shrunk, collapsed, he said. of Turkey's most important strategic position with railways and ports is Sözbir stating that it and continued to take its share of this application, "Last year our railways with the Parliament adopted liberalized the law has been opened to the private sector. BTS has maintained its upright position and honorable struggle against privatization since its inception. Our trade union, which carries out many actions and activities for both privatization and social, economic and democratic rights, has started walking to Ankara from the 1980 branch with the slogan 'We are protecting our business, our future and our future'. Gerek

”We will walk on railways under the name of“ We are marching against the privatization practices of the railways ın by BTS today and will be completed in front of Ankara TCDD General Directorate in November. steps are being taken in order to make use of it in a way and to pave the way for cheap labor. In this context, the draft law on the liberalization of rail transport was accepted and put into effect at the General Assembly of the Assembly despite the actions and activities of our union. As a result of the policies implemented by the AK Party government to ignore occupational health and safety, the safety of the enterprise has lost its credibility more than ever before, while witnessing recent and fatal accidents, work accidents caused by working conditions have become commonplace. AK

Underlining that there are many applications that affect the employees of the railway, Sözbir said: imizi We have decided to walk to Ankara to show public opinion and to respond to this negative picture. U

Sözbir, Gaziantep today, leaving the arm of the march 19 November on Wednesday at 17.00 ranks of Mersin and will reach the press release, he added.

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