President Kocamaz, The Monorail System

President Kocamaz monorail Told System: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, Germany Düsseldorf and Japan's Chiba they do on their views of the city 'monorail that system is not yet in Turkey, but preferred stating that a system, the project's feasibility in Mersin reported.

In the second meeting of the regular meeting of the Metropolitan Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality of Mersin, President Kocamaz informed the members of the council about the monorail system planned to be held in Mersin between 9-14 November 2014 in Germany and Chiba, Japan. Kocamaz said that the monorail review visit is important in terms of obtaining information. We have examined the examples in Mersin because it is appropriate for our distance. The roads of the city do not attract traffic. We don't have the chance to expand the roads. Yol

Noting that the project is the program and the Ministry process, President Kocamaz said, eleri The Ministry of Transport has prepared an article about us, Bakanlığı prepare projects and determine the route Pro. We're looking at the possibility of the project now. It is thought that the project should be carried out by our municipality, either as a build-operate-transfer form or by the public transporters in the city to ensure that the sources of income do not dry out. It is necessary not to delay this work and to benefit from the technology. It looks like a very advanced technology in Japan and the technology offered to us in Turkey. No monorail in Turkey, but Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, Izmir the monorail project to reduce traffic congestion think implement. for not being able to expand Roads monorail, a preferred system in Turkey, "he said.

In the Old Transportation Master Plan, Kocamaz said that the municipality demand is a tram, but the tramway period has passed and the light rail system should be done. Sistem The Ministry of Transport permits the construction of this project wherever the population of 400 is over. We also studied Transportation Master Plan in Mersin. The feet were made without touching the ground, because counts were not made, and we did it. It needs to be solved without delay kav.



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