Mayor Böcek examined asphalt works on site

Mayor Böcek examined the asphalt works on-site: Konyaaltı Municipality completed the hot asphalt works on 37'inci street in Sarısu neighborhood and started asphalt works on 35'inci street in Liman District.
Hurma and Sarısu neighborhoods connected to each other on the street and street hot asphalt works completed Konyaaltı Municipality, the harbor began to work hot asphalt. Port District 35'nci ongoing hot asphalt work on the street Konyaalti Mayor Muhittin Insect examined the site.
President Muhittin Böcek, Mollayusuf, Uncalı, Hurma and Sarısu neighborhoods have completed the work of hot asphalt, he said. President Muhittin Böcek stated that they made 10 kilometer hot asphalt in these neighborhoods in about four months and that they continued to work on the 35 street where the infrastructure work was completed in Liman Quarter.
President Insect, by the end of this year 15 kilometer warmer asphalt road paving plans to make, he said.



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