Chinese Prime Minister to sign many contract packages such as high speed train and natural gas route in Moscow

The Chinese Prime Minister will sign many contract packages in Moscow such as high-speed train and gas route: The Chinese Prime Minister will sign many contract packages in Moscow such as natural gas route, high-speed train and the use of national currency.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said that during the visit of the People's Republic of China, Li Keqiang to Moscow, he will sign the contract with the Russian government on the "east" route.

Morgulov made the following statement:

“A contract package was prepared for the meeting that will bring together the prime ministers of the two countries. Among these agreements, the intergovernmental agreement on the dispatch of natural gas from the eastern route, the agreement foreseeing the removal of mutual taxes, the cooperation memorandum on global navigation satellite systems, high-speed train connection, nuclear energy, tourism, financial and customs sectors. In addition, the banking sectors of the two countries plan to sign an agreement on the use of national currencies in commercial relations. "

Stating that Russian and Chinese companies want to sign cooperation agreements in the fields of investment, information and communication, information and technology, Deputy Minister said, “Weighted steps in the solution of important international problems such as the Moscow and Beijing Near East, North Africa, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran Nuclear Program. throw. The visit of the Chinese Prime Minister will enable us to progress at key points. ”


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