Towers of the Gulf Crossing Bridge reached 131 meters

The towers of the Bay Crossing Bridge reached 131 meters: The towers of the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, the world's 4th largest suspension bridge, reached 131 meters.
With the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which will end at the end of 2015, 1.5 hours of gulf travel will be reduced to 3 minutes.
Construction on Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge continues rapidly. Turkey's feet to the seabed with giant floating caissons downloaded Gulf Crossing Bridge, the first bridge with steel blocks used in the tower foundation was laid last March was manufactured in Gemlik brought to shipyards in Altinova. Here, the blocks and security platforms are installed on the floating cranes, which are rented from the Netherlands. After the 1 hour sea voyage, the blocks are assembled to the base of the tower.
252 m tower height, 35.93 m middle span with 1.550 meter deck width and 2 between the world's largest mid span suspension bridges with a total length of 682 bin 4 m. Izmit Gulf Crossing Bridge will be opened at the end of 2015.
12 units in Gebze-Orhangazi-Bursa section and 2 pieces in Kemalpaşa Ayrımı-İzmir section are made of 14 pieces in reinforced concrete viaducts.
There will be 433 kilometers in total Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway this route 140 km. shorten the 8 hour-long Istanbul-Izmir journey to 3.5 hours will reduce.
When the project is completed, it will be possible to go to Istanbul from Bursa to 1 and to Eskişehir at 2. According to the agreement made with Nurol-Özaltın-Makyol-Astaldi-Yüksel-Göçay Joint Venture, 384 km 49 will be completed in 433 March 15 with 2020 km highway and XNUMX km connection.
The 36 pile of 195 steel piles was ground to secure the floor. The 130 will be the 64 meter from the sea.

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