Samsun-Kalın railway modernization works hit the peasant

Samsun-Kalın railway modernization works hit the villagers: The modernization of the Samun-Kalın line railroad also worried citizens who travel from Havza, Asarcık and Kavak districts to Samsun by train.

The article published by the Department of Freight Transportation of the General Directorate of Railway made the logistics companies in Samsun and the region worried, and the villagers living in the vicinity started to think blackly. While logistics companies are concerned that they will suffer a major commercial disruption and that there will be a great loss in Samsun, citizens coming to Samsun from Havza, Asarcık and Kavak districts by train are troubled that the cost will increase with the return of the transportation to the minibus.

It was stated that the transportation from Asarcık district to Samsun by car reached 26 TL, while the cost of the citizens who came to Samsun by train for a day was found to be 5 TL. District residents evaluating the issue, “We have students and citizens who have to come to Samsun from the districts every day. It would be a big blow for these people to increase their daily costs from 5 TL to 26 TL. "The amount increases more when we hit this account with monthly, not daily".

The people of the district, who wanted the modernization to be done especially on weekends, said, “People who have to come to Samsun on weekdays will be victims with the prolongation of this modernization. Since the economic conditions of the majority of the families are not good, the monthly increase in transportation costs from 100 TL to 500 TL will cause families to collapse economically. For this, they lead in their municipalities and the General Directorate of Railway should do the work in modernization by taking passenger trains into consideration ”.

It was learned that the Railway Carriers Association was also working while meeting with the logistics companies in the region and the Department of Freight Transport of the Industrial and Commerce Chambers of Railway General Directorate. Railway Transporters Association President Özcan Salkaya and Samsunport Port Manager Bedir Yıldırım stated that Samsun would suffer a great commercial loss, referring to the sensitivity of the issue.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:53

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