Marmaray-2. Stands at Etap due to cost increase

Marmaray-2. Jobs stopped at Etap due to cost increases: OHL firm, Sirkeci-Halkalı, Gebze-Haydarpasa commuter in the project for the improvement of the cost of the work by citing the cost increase brought the point.

The Ministry of Transport, on the other hand, stated in its official written statement that there is no suspension of the project and that it will be completed in June 2015. The AMD Rail consortium, including Doğuş İnşaat, first awarded the tender for the improvement of the line in question. kazanHowever, it terminated the contract for the same reason and applied to international arbitration.

Ministry of Transport presses on the media in Gebze-Halkalı He made a statement about the improvement of commuter lines. It was emphasized that the suspension of the project was not in question and that the Ohl-Dimetronic companies continued to be contracted. It was announced that the project was signed on 26 October 2011 and will end in June 2015.

The bureaucrats of the Ministry of Transport emphasized that the financing of this project was met from EU resources, so the tender method, tender procedure and pricing were made within the framework of EU legislation. The first tender was awarded to the AMD consortium. kazanReminding that they applied for arbitration on the grounds that the price was low, however, the authorities said that the second tender was awarded to the Spanish OHL firm. kazanexpressed that he did. However, the authorities stated that this company slowed down the work by citing the increase in costs, and stated that the works will not stop, and that they will restart in the near future, and that the negotiations are continuing.


Within the scope of Marmaray Project, Gebze-Haydarpaşa, Sirkeci-Halkalı The tender for the improvement of suburban lines, construction, electrical and mechanical systems was first made in February 2006. AMD Railway Consortium, consisting of French Alstom, Japanese Marubeni and Turkish Doğuş Construction, with a bid of 863 million 373 thousand Euros. kazanhad been. In June 2007, the site was delivered and the work started. However, AMD gave notice of termination under the contract in March 2010; Against this, the Ministry of Transport replied that the reasons put forward by the contractor were invalid. Thereupon, AMD applied to ICC Arbitration on July 13, 2010. Ministry officials informed that the arbitration process is still ongoing. In the tender held after the AMD Consortium quit the job, the Spanish OHL company came first with its 1 billion 42 million euro bid. Thus, the price increased by 179 million euros compared to the first tender.

When the project, which the ministry expects to be completed by the end of 2015, the subway lines and metro lines will be integrated into Marmaray. Gebze-Halkalı The travel time will be reduced to 105 minutes. Marmaray 48 projected to be completed in 2 a month. 43.4 kilometers on the Asian side, the existing suburban lines on the European side of 19,6 would be improved and converted into surface metro with the addition of the third line.

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