Alstom Offers Reliable and Affordable Solutions

alstom offers reliable and cost-effective solutions 2
alstom offers reliable and cost-effective solutions 2

Railway services consisting of maintenance, modernization, spare parts supply and operational support; It guarantees the usability, reliability and high performance of transportation systems and is of great importance for operators in this respect.

According to Unife's current data representing the European railway manufacturing sector; As a result of factors such as the increase in existing transportation systems requiring maintenance, the liberalization of the railway market and the outsourcing of service activities, the service segment in the railway market is expected to grow. More and more railway operators focus on their core business and receive the service from the manufacturers or maintenance specialists.
Alstom offers a wide range of solutions from components to trains, signaling and service to fully integrated systems and is a leader in each market segment. By 2020, Alstom aims to provide 60 of its sales, including services, except for railway vehicles. With more than a decade of experience, Alstom Services has carried out more than 25 maintenance projects around the world and won more than 100 tenders.

Railway services market

The rail services market is a growing trend in the railway transportation sector with a growth rate of% 3,7 per year.

As a result of the increasing number of transport systems requiring maintenance and the availability of the railway services market and the technical development of the train systems (IT, additional comfort systems installed on trains), rail services between 2017-2019 are expected to represent more than the market's 30. The three regions are Europe (% 30), North America (% 34) and Asia Pacific (% 14).

Actors of major rail services; trains, systems, infrastructure suppliers, transportation systems, non-maintenance maintenance companies and rail transport manufacturers. These actors offer modernization, maintenance and spare parts services.

Spare parts and repair

The largest segment in the accessible service market is the supply of spare parts, including accident and repair and maintenance, with a share of% 66, including preventive and corrective maintenance. This market segment, which is closely linked to the growing need for maintenance systems, is entirely geared towards train manufacturers and product suppliers.


Train and infrastructure maintenance, one of the fastest growing segments of the railway services market; represents the% 27 of accessible services market. Public transportation operators, especially railway operators, provided companies with every stage from train manufacturing to operation and maintenance throughout the history. Today, operators focus on their main activities and provide maintenance services from outside. The cost issue is one of these factors. With the cost of maintenance corresponding to the 20-30 of the total cost of ownership, more and more operators have begun to consider the-total cost of ownership ab, including maintenance, while purchasing trains or infrastructure.


The market share of the train modernization segment, which corresponds to the 7 of the rail services market, is expected to reach% 9. Since the modernization segment offers the possibility of renewing the fleet at a much lower cost compared to acquiring a new train, there are numerous business expectations in this segment. (modernization targets the 50-60 of the newly produced train cost)

Alstom's high value-added services

With over 25 years of experience, Alstom Service offers solutions to meet the requirements of its users for rail systems in more than one 30 country and 100. Alstom's experience is not limited to trains by Alstom. 20 of trains maintained by Alstom is manufactured by other manufacturers.

Alstom is an expert and long-term partner in performance-oriented maintenance, modernization, parts, repairs, heavy maintenance and support services; it provides an opportunity for train owners, operators, infrastructure managers and maintenance workers to improve service efficiency and efficiency.

Alstom's predictive maintenance solution: HealthHub

Predictive maintenance is based on methods and tools designed to help determine the condition of the equipment in use in order to determine when failures occur and to estimate when maintenance tasks are to be performed.

Predictive maintenance, monitoring and data collection (vibration analysis, oil analysis, temperature pressure, voltage, etc.), providing accurate information at the right time to ensure proper maintenance of maintenance operations and thus prevent unexpected breakdown of equipment.

Increased storage capacity, improved processor performance, smaller sensors and lower costs have been introduced through increasingly powerful computers. This global trend facilitated data communication, sharing and analysis by allowing a growth in data volume.

Alstom's predictive maintenance solution HealthHub; With monitoring systems, it is possible to automatically determine the status of railway vehicles, infrastructure and signaling, and to identify any components that need to be repaired or replaced, as well as their modified dates. HealthHub therefore supports the stop pit stop Health approach; that is, when the train arrives, everything is ready, the right number of material is brought in at the right time, and the maintenance personnel move quickly, thus increasing the availability of the fleet.

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