İZBAN, 9 Relaxed Transportation

IZBAN, 9 Relaxed Transportation with Gulf: IZBAN, which makes public transportation between Aliaga-Menderes in Izmir, offers a comfortable journey against the passenger density in the morning and evening hours by increasing the number of triple sets in the enterprise to 9.

With the number of passengers approaching 300 per day, İZBAN increased the number of triple trains to 9 with the start of Gulf Yunisi sets. Thus, significant fluency was achieved at the stations especially in the morning and evening hours. Now in addition to the 4 Gulf Dolphin, the 5 IZBAN set is in triple. The sets pass 07 to 00 and 08 to 15 every minute, carrying 10 bin 2 passengers between 250: XNUMX and XNUMX. IZBAN, which is going to operate one more of the Gulf Yunusu sets, which are still in production, in a triple manner every month, will increase the fluency in the stations even more.

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