2016 to boil under the throat | Eurasian Tunnel

Under the Bosphorus 2016 car will boil: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan, under the Bosphorus Strait, which will ensure the passage of the Eurasia Tunnel will be completed at the end of the year 2016

Elvan, Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin visited the construction of the Eurasia Tunnel. The works in the tunnel, which is planned to reduce the transportation between Göztepe and Kazlıçeşme to 15 minutes, are currently continuing at 95 meters below sea level.

Elvan, who explained that the 5.4 kilometer of the 1.27 kilometer below the sea was completed, said: It's a 2015 kilometer tunnel. The 14.6 mileage on the European side, six 5.4 kilometers on the Bosphorus, and the 5.4 on the Asian side, Bun he said.

Transition 4 dollar + VAT
Minister Elvan, the passage of the tube passage will be 4 dollar + VAT, he said.
Elvan reminded that the entire 1.3 billion-dollar project is expected to be completed by the end of August at 2017. Ağ Ersin Arıoğlu, the Chairman of Yapı Merkezi Holding, has the promise. 2016 end here with our tools will be passed. Expectations of the tunnel opening as soon as the 100 thousand vehicles will provide the direction, '' he said.
Elvan, the project 5 archaeologist work and if the historical ruins will be treated with precision was passed.

Haydarpasa Eyebrow
After answering questions Elvan responding to questions, the second line on the connection to the subway Seyrantepe 2015'dan open in March, he said. As for a question regarding the debate on the transformation of Haydarpaşa Train Station to a hotel or other structure, Elvan said,, There is no demand from the Privatization Administration or any institution for the Haydarpaşa Station. We need to look at this gara as much as our pupil, Çok he said.

Marmaray 1 Years
Marmaray, which connects the continents of Europe and Asia with the rail system from under the sea, celebrates its first year. 29 October Since the opening of the Separation Fountain - Kazlıçeşme section of Marmaray, which was put into service at 2013, 100 thousand flights have been carried out and 50 million passengers have been transported.


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